Try not to be a trial for others

It has been days and I was trying to get organic eggs from a nearby shop, I went again and again for it, and the shopkeeper used to tell me that “sorry no more now”, then yesterday I asked him to bring the whole tray and keep it for me.
He replied, “Then come tomorrow around 1 pm for it.”
I went today, but it was 2 pm, the shop was open but he was not there, I have seen him going for salah in masjid often, so I thought he might have gone for his salah in congregation.

Then some of the boys, who were standing nearby came to me and asked, “Seems, You are waiting for the shopkeeper, he has gone for his salah, he just went and it will take some time, may be you can buy something else from other shops till that time.”

So, I knew for sure, he was out for his salah.

I waited, as I didn’t have anything else to buy from the market and I waited long!

I thought of going back to home.

And I thought, the boys who informed me about the whereabouts of the shopkeeper, may inform him that someone came and waited for long.

I thought, this might lead to a sort of conception in his mind that because of salah, a customer has gone away!

But then, as I was returning back to home, I prayed to Allah (swt) Whose one of the beautiful attributes is Ar Razzaq – The Provider to bless him with the faith that rizq comes from Allah only and he should not think otherwise, never ever, especially because of his salah.

Interestingly! Just before the main door of my home, there was a hawker who was selling the organic eggs, I thought of buying it from him as it would have saved me from going again and from carrying it, but then suddenly, I recalled the beautiful discussion I once had with my friend who said that we should also pray that “may Allah swt save us from being the trials for others.”

Yes! We often pray that may we not be tested but we should also pray that may others are also not tested through us.

Allah (swt) has made this duniya (world) a testing place. He (swt) tests us through different people as well.

And this also reminds us that we should keep giving each other beneficial reminders, my dear friend gave me such a beautiful advise and it resonated at the right time by His will, Alhamdulillah.

Later, after few hours, I went again, he told me that his friends told him about me, he handed over me the eggs and informed that he couldn’t find the whole tray but has managed to find a few and was late after offering his salah as he again went to check whether the tray was available or not.

Alhamdulillah, for all His blessings. Just a small grocery shopping may teach us so many things.

May Allah swt bless us all and may He save us from being a set of trial for others. Ameen 😊

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