Clouds and the lessons they surround

Clouds and the lesson they surround.

While on a casual walk, I told my younger son showing him clouds that how sometimes they can make the picture unclear and ‘cloudy’ for us. Alhamdulillah, we know that there are mountains behind those clouds, so even if we don’t see them due to clouds we know they exist. But the one who is unaware of this previous information will only consider what is apparent and will make inferences as per what is evident to the eyes.
So, when someone says, “I was in a clouded state of mind when I made that decision,” it implies that the person was not clearly envisaging the picture and was in a state of doubt when that person made the decision.

SubhanAllah! Even though I gave him this example just to give him an idea of the idiom, but I realized that isn’t this the case with the ummah at large?
We are surrounded by clouds; we are not seeing with the eyes of the Seerah (the life of the Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam): how he (pbuh) brought the change on the societal level. Many of us read Seerah with a secularized lens, and thus being devoid of this previous information of how he (pbuh) is uswatun hasanah (best example to follow) even in bringing the societal collective change, we follow the clouded version of solutions from the same sources which are the cause of the problems. Recent examples include seeking help from and allying with the UN, ICJ and left wing ideologies, that are actually the cause, and not the solution, of the problem.

May Allah Al-Haqq make Haqq clear to us. May the clouds that surround us become the cause of the beneficial rains, and not the cause of doubts, restricting the clear, firm and lofty solutions which are mightier and firmer than mountains.