The pregnant elephant and the outroar

Some are saying the pregnant elephant was deliberately fed,
If that’s the case then we can expect humans who have transgressed all levels, we have seen such humans even during pogroms and sponsored riots,

But some are saying, the pregnant elephant ate the fruit which is left for wild animals like boars who destroy the crops and fields of farmers who are left with no choice but to scare them so.

The question one needs to ask should be –
Why the forest ministry has not done anything progressive in terms of solving the farmer’s sad plight and giving them a solution right and not leaving them on the option of keeping the crackers in fruits for keeping away wild animals from destroying?

The questions are many, one should ask the people who are grieving, why they have never asked the system as to what they are doing when deforestation happens and many pregnant and non pregnant animals are losing their habitat and natural surroundings?

Where are they when in the name of so called development, the entire forests are uprooted?

Why so much hypocrisy?

Oh Sorry I forgot! it is in veins they carry.

Now, because it is a trend , everyone is mourning, so let’s mourn, it is safe as well, no harm in mourning on an animal’s suffering.

But yeah! For pregnant migrant worker who died,
For pregnant female student who is still behind prison just for her citizenship rights, there was no outroar from their side, because for that the system is needed to be criticised,
and for that one needs to have courage to put forward the lines,
And that’s not cool,
nor the trend,
to lose your opportunities behind the sidelined and voiceless communities, right?

It is not a surprise that even the tragic death of an elephant is now communalised!!!

We can expect this and worse from the very same system which can communalise even the deadly virus like Covid19 during the pandemic.

We expect worse from them, and we know hatred has appeared from their mouth and what their hearts conceal is far worse and we expect every worse from their side.

But we pray that
May Allah swt save us from their evils. Ameen.

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