The issue with Zaira Waseem

They have an issue with Zaira Waseem,
How could she leave the world of glamour and glitz?
You see! Their concept of “freedom to do anything” is hypocritical in nature,
Especially when a girl, that too a muslim that too with a voice denounce the industry which exploits!!!

They attack her like anything,
They think a muslim woman can’t think,
They think she must be brainwashed by an extremist,

What they don’t realise is their own folly and hate filled cerebrum which has made them blind unable to see anything!

It is not easy to leave the profession when you are on peak of the success, just because it is exploiting your connection with The Creator, but she left for The One to Whom belongs everything that exists and it was indeed a wise decision as we live in this dunya for the preparation of our aakhirah.

The bold decision taken at such an age, at a time when she was on peak of her career’s success, that too by a woman, that too a Muslim woman is the reason they are so bothered and disturbed!!!

We pray may Allah swt bless you, dear Zaira with istiqamat and steadfastness on His deen.

May Allah swt bless us all with steadfastness on His deen. Ameen.

We should often ask Allah swt this dua –

Ya muqallibal-qulubi, thabbit qalbi ‘ala dinika
(O Controller of the hearts make my heart steadfast on Your deen).”

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