That Pregnant Elephant who died

A pregnant elephant died,
Ah! because she was fed a pineapple with firecrackers inside!
She stood still,
Like a paralysed!
Suffocated, she must have struggled but she died, a horrible tragic death!

What they got who fed her pineapple with fire crackers inside?

May be it was a sort of some fun for some jerks or may be they enjoyed seeing her die,
Some people are outraged, and it is good to see people’s rage, people are writing “it is not Indian culture to behave such with voiceless”

After reading those lines,
I felt like – the elephant was nothing but a reflection of the minorities suffering here in broad day light,
What they are fed up are fire crackers served as pineapples, which being hungry they think is good for them and their unborn generations but what they did not realise is that they are given that pineapple to make them stand still, paralyzed and unheard with only few tweets or posts later to express that “it is not in our culture.”

Oh! How much we can relate to her, see our plight!

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