Have clicked this pic on Eid day while passing through a park.

As I was scrolling down the photo gallery, I paused on it to reflect that how subhanAllah stagnation of water can cause the growth of algae, even if there are some effects of ripples coming out from the fountain nearby, the fact remains intact that the water is stagnant!

There are times in our lives too, when we are deliberately stagnating emotionally which directly impacts our actions, thinking we have done much as per our capabilities for a particular period of time, like the mindset of doing a lot in ramadan, and thus post ramadan, after eid is the time to be laxed!

I remember once in university, post ramadan, I came across a girl who used to pray during ramadan, I asked her why did she stop praying afterwards? She replied, “She has done enough in ramadan.”

Another saddening example to cite is – We see almost everyone racing with themselves or with each other for the completion of Holy Quran’s recitation in ramadan, but when it is said to them let’s work for its implementation in the society then the stagnation will be witnessed.

These are some examples among many on how we draw our own boundaries which are actually transgressing His boundaries, this is how we stagnate thinking we have the whole fountain to relish!

This is how we putrefy, thinking we are purified!

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