Adding weeds as needs?

While you are broken, depleted, and almost deprived.
There might grow many weeds to the cracks, you sidelined.
At first sight, their greenery may appear as if grass flourishing on the surface which is impoverished otherwise.
But no! everything green is not serene.
They are weeds.
Not the grass, as you perceive.
Make sure, not to fill your brokenness with weeds, unnecessary thoughts, people and things.

Impulsive, we take everything as good on apparent appeal,
without even reasoning the consequences of it.

Possessive, we try to grab hold of everything that comes to close proximity.

We need to understand, shaitan will tempt to bad by making it appear good and fancy, but we need to be conscious of Him, to Whom belongs everything that exists.

Let not your brokenness mislead you to another shatteredness.

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