Some precautionary measures

Dear readers, it is really weird to write this, but I had to. First of all,  I pray that may Allah swt bless us all and may we all observe the upcoming beautiful festival of eid ul adha with no mob lynchings upon us. 

But seeing the recent rise in incidents of mob lynching, I personally feel the need to write this as a precautionary measure – though they, (the gunda mob), doesn’t need any meat evidence or sample to lynch the innocents, as they have their own agenda to instil fear, they also know well that India is one of the largest beef exporter and they also know who runs the big slaughterhouses and firms in India, their own people. In the name of gau mata, they are serving their political evil masters. 
Well! My point. Those who are travelling to distant, native places for celebrating eid ul adha, please be safe, please try not to carry back the raw or cooked meat after eid with you in your journey back to home and if you are planning to carry then make sure you are carrying some defense thing as well with you. 

You know they are such losers and cowards that they come in mob to attack an individual but you know that a simple defense stuff with a loud scream upon them can bring them to their heels.

Yes! It will InshaAllah.   

And please do educate your family and friends who are travelling with you, what to do, without getting panic if the crazy mob attacks. 

Try to avoid trains and buses or public transport with raw meat as it seems the public is now  getting immune to witness lynchings and probably will not even bat an eye for rescue. 
I know many will not agree to this suggestion, and will think it is written out of fear but believe me, it is just a concern as we should never underestimate the craziness of pagal people in mob who knows well that there is no accountability for their pagalpan from the administrative block. 
Last but not the least, do not panic and do not fear. 
Taqaballahu minna wa’minkum. 

May Allah swt accept it from us and you. 


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

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