The ongoing genocide upon Rohyngya Muslims 

Verily, Allah swt is not unaware of what the oppressors do. 

One of His beautiful name is Al Mu’akhir – The Delayer. 

His delaying of a matter, especially in accounting the oppressors should not land the believers in despair.

He swt knows best how and when to account them, meanwhile the great heavy test and trial continues for the oppressed AND for those who can make a difference in the life of the voiceless or deliberately unheard ones. 
May Allah swt bless them and make this trial easy for them and for us. Ameen. 
Right now our state is such that seeing no one saying even a word against the genocide happening upon  Rohyngya Muslims and Israel backing this oppression, we have perhaps hauled ourselves to the “feel much relieved factor over the speeches” which we should acknowledge, will remain rhetorics and just sayings unless and until they are put into actions and implemented. 

The point is not to belittle the rhetorics and sayings as they also  somewhere give confidence to many but the point is to take it to further level – implementations and actions. 
Point is – If people support Mr. Erdogen in quite a significant large number on only few statements he has uttered, then imagine how much mass support he will get if he will apply it into actions.
May Allah swt bless us with a righteous leader under whose shade we all, irrespective of any religion co exist peacefully. 
Hasbunallahu wa’nimal Wakeel.

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