Islam – A highly misunderstood deen.
A deen which is not even seen as a complete way of living life by some of its own followers. 
They have confined it to biddah and some rituals.  
And some have adopted the defeatist mentality and apologetic attitude pertaining it, while claiming to be still persistent on it. 
Well! If you love your deen, love it deep and stand for it and preach it wholeheartedly to your non muslim friends as well, and invite them gracefully to the way of their and our Lord – Who is One and Only. 
Islam is not only a religion,  it is a deen,  a complete system of living life. 
In this tough and turbulent times, it is our duty to stand and strive – 

For Islam and against the public opinion which the deceptive media and agents of capitalists have generated. 
This is the time. 

Stand against the tide.
Well! Some may find the rituals easy and others  may find it tough, whatever it is, one has to submit, as for believers there is no option left after the Kalima he has uttered with his heart and mind as one witness. 
Islam is not only a religion. 

It is a deen,  a complete way of living life,  which liberates men from the manacles of oppression. 

The bearers of it should shine and not feel shy in calling the humans towards something which is not only ours but their’s as well,  irrespective of the fact that they recognise it not still. 
But by His will,  they will. 


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