Rats in mouth and stripped off clothes

News – “Tamil Nadu farmers, who are protesting in Delhi for drought relief fund, stripped outside near Rashtrapati Bhavan on Monday after they were allegedly not allowed to meet PM Narendra Modi.” 
Comment –  Farmers work day in and day out but are the victims of sheer oppression. 

They get interest based loans for the required things for farming. 

The loss of fruits because of so many factors be it drought or something else add to their misery and they have no option left than to suicide. 

Waving off some part of loans won’t end their misery, the whole previous debt should be waved off, and in future they should get loans without any interest based. But obviously to demand this under capitalist system is just a wishful thinking!

How sad is the state that poor farmers had to protest with rats in their mouths and when they tried to meet the PM,  they were denied the entry, in angst they wear off their clothes to be heard and seen. 

I really pity the system “for the people”  where to be heard, one has to put alive rats in mouth, and go naked and then too there is less probability to get their screams heard and heeded. Only get a slot for some discussions and debates as a topic in the news and some blogs to write about their views and the rest remains unsettled discourse. 

“Sabka Vikas” is only a rhetoric, it is only capitalists who benefit under this system of oppression. 

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