A topic we often dismiss

Closer and closer comes to us our reckoning yet we heed not. 

With each declining day we are heading towards our death  –  the ultimate reality. 

We all know we will die, we all have seen deaths of near and dear ones,  we have seen people dying different deaths – natural death, sudden death, deaths fighting against oppression and standing against tyrants, deaths which amaze us, deaths which inspire us but after some time we again come back to square, we do strive but  not as we ought to as we forget it, yes the death!


We are advised by Prophet Muhammed pbuh to remember death often. SubhanAllah! Indeed if we follow this beautiful naseeha we will feel our life and its perspective is so different. 

Big things will look to us as petty issues, everything will appear as so temporary. 

Life is beautiful no doubt Alhamdulillah, having its own ups and downs which breaks us to make us renewed and revived. But the ultimate reality is that we all have our expiry date and it will surely arrive. 
Irrespective of the fact whether we are under suspicion or surely diagnosed or not inflicted at all with some fatal disease, irrespective of these cases we should​ always remember that the life span is fixed, the journey will finish, the destination is yet to arrive and we cannot reach the realm of another life without tasting death. 

Kullu nafsin zayqatul maut. 

Every soul will taste death. 

Then what’s stopping us to prepare for that?

– There is one more life after death. 

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