Prison is more dear to me 

We all know Holy Quran narrates the beautiful stories of Prophets (peace be upon them all) so that we can harvest our inspiration from them.
Almost everybody knows that Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) a.s was blessed with physical beauty so much that perhaps we can’t even  imagine it.
When wife of Aziz (who was a woman of beauty, power, position) sought to seduce Yusuf a.s,  you know what was his reaction?
He feared Allah’s displeasure and he  guarded his modesty.

 Wife of Aziz threatened him to cast him into prison if he will not obey her orders, you know what Prophet Yusuf a.s replied?
He said:”O my Lord! Prison is more to my liking than that to which they invite me” (surah Yusuf)
Imagine! He preferred prison.
Being blessed with beauty, invited by a woman herself, and not only invited but threatened that if he will not obey her, she will imprison him. What did Prophet Yusuf choose?
– Prison.

Because he feared Allah’s displeasure.
Now let’s  relate this story on ourselves. 

We are continously instilled by ‘capitalistic system’ to buy this beauty product and that brand product and  even undergo cosmetic surgeries.

To fulfill the ‘capitalistic definition of beauty’ and the reason they give us to “beautify” ourselves is to “attract men and women at large, to be sought and desired by them”
He, Yusuf a.s was  so handsome and beautiful.

He feared Allah, he preferred prison and what we do, we in the name of so called freedom, rebel against the One who has given us the body and beauty. 

We beautify as per “their” standards and we expose, we don’t follow the lowering of gaze and we  don’t follow the purdah system(which is ordained in Quran for both men and women).

And we feel “honoured” by the number of men or women desiring us.
 Alhamdulillah ,there are halal ways to satisfy your desires, let’s fear Allah and let’s open eyes to the lies of this capitalistic system which benefits itself by selling you the false idea of freedom, beauty and enjoying life as per your wish…
“They” say and sell the idea of “freedom” but the truth is we are still people enslaved and we still have minds which are colonised…
The kalimah – la ilaaha  illallah muhammedur rasulullah  came to liberate us from the servitude and slavery of creation and give us true liberation by being at the servitude of the Only One Creator.
And unfortunately we are still otherwise, we prefer the false notions instilled by society and we follow our own whims and desires which are very much contrary to the things ordained by HIM.

Just ponder on this ayat for sometime with undivided attention. 
“HE (Allāh) has created man from a sperm-drop; and behold this same (man) becomes an open disputer!” [16:4]
We are created from such a lowly thing and then we have all the guts and strength to dispute and even rebel against Him? 



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