Freedom of speech and expression

“Freedom of speech and expression” they want to preach.


Try to speak against the atrocities of Jews, lo and behold you are an anti semite,

Speak against homosexuality, you are an intolerant who should not exist!

Speak against the systematic atrocities, you are a pessimistic.

Speak against the capitalism, its systematic injustice, you are anti nationalist.

“Freedom of speech and expression” they want to preach.

Such munafiq!!!

“Freedom of speech and expression” doesn’t exist entirely anywhere.
There are always line, one cannot cross.

If a man or a woman passes vulgar, indecent comments on one another, it won’t be tolerated as “freedom of speech and expression.”

Then why insulting the Prophets of God (peace be upon them all) is considered as freedom of speech and expression?

They attack and defame him in the name of Freedom of speech

But little are they aware that Muhammed means The Praised One even in literal means.

Our Prophet Our Honour?


Our Prophet is greater than Our Honour!

Indeed he is the most Praised One above the heavens and on earth.

Sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam is the most common salutation we send upon him every now and then.

We are Muslims, we submit to One God and are not polytheistic or atheist in nature.

Submitting to one God is not followed by the blind following and is not an opium to rational thinking.

Rationale was the approach, reflecting well upon His signs was the way to seek Him.

He, The Almighty has honoured His last Prophet to an extent that our kalima is incomplete without Muhammed’s name.

Ignorant are they who abuse him and his honour in the name of Freedom of speech and expression.

The more they use this concept of Freedom, the more they expose their own hypocrisy.

I beseech Him to make us all stand for His beloved’s honour and not fall into their trap of so called freedom speech and expression.

The messenger was sent as rehmat lilaalaameen, mercy for all mankind, he was sent with a system to abolish all evil.

May our bosoms be lit with the same light he brought forward, may the love for his honour not just remain confined to mere words but they go further and farther in actions as well.

May we stand for His beloved’s honour, for His beloved’s mission in proper order.

May our love be so pure that we get the drink of Kausar.

Our Prophet Our Honour?


Our Prophet is Greater than Our Honour.

Peace and blessings be upon him.

Sallallahu alaiyhi wassallam.

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