Caged, Uncaged Happiness

Wanted to share something interesting, may be some may relate to it.

Yesterday, my husband got a call from one of his colleagues from the past, who called after a very long time. He asked about everyone’s welfare, and then enquired what I am upto these days? working or not?
My husband replied, she is not working, and she is content Alhamdulillah.
He said, “You should understand women feel inferior these days if they don’t work. My wife didn’t work, but then her entire friend’s circle was working, and she used to feel left out and inferior, so she also started working and is now a happy and confident woman.”

My husband said – “My wife is already confident, and she will work if she will find a need for it, not because of societal pressures or being left out. As of now, she is content being at home and relishing time with kids. She believes that both parents should work only if there is a need and not out of the wish to widen and raise the standard of living further (because there is no end to the desires then). She believes that if both parents will work then the kids will be neglected as the energy will be drained out from the hectic official work and I second that.”

However, that colleague was extremely adamant to instill the idea of happiness and confidence in women with his own perspective.

Finally, when he dropped the call, we discussed how capitalism has moulded people into such societal pressures where a woman feels left out, and out of the norm if she is not working, then she is considered as wasting her talent and a sacrifical goat for the family. How the capitalists want the tax of both the parents, and how capitalism has made people blind to differentiate between the basic needs and unending desires, and how the mothers are also turned into consumers and being a stay at home mother is considered as a waste of university degree, and how capitalism has compelled people to buy the definition of happiness and confidence by their being able to work and earn and that’s it!!!
People are so convinced with this idea that they don’t realise that they started this race by being pushed into it by societal pressures (like he said his wife felt inferior and left out among her friends), and how such people then built the same pressures on others (thinking they are doing good) by giving others unasked advise on being happy and confident!

Thought of sharing, don’t know who might need this.

Would like to share one of my clicked pic, the bird might appear as caged but actually the pic is taken from an enclosed space and the bird is actually in its natural space, where she belongs to.

Take care.

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