Iran and the recent protests against khimar (hijab)

SubhanAllah! Whatever is happening in Islamic Republic of Iran is saddening.

First of all, the term – Islamic Republic of Iran is an oxymoron term in itself.
Islamic means the sovereignty belongs to Allah alone, Republic means the sovereignty belongs to people.
Islamic Republic of Iran is an oxymoron. Oxymoron means contradictory terms like halal pork.

Iran is not a country ruling by Allah’s law as a complete socio, political, economic system!

What happened with young girl Mahsa Amini was sad, but the fact remains intact the whole incident is hijacked by the feminists and other Islamophobes. *The mishandling, the oxymoronic system, the police should be blamed for Mahsa Amini and not the obligation of khimar (hijab) by Allah ta’ala. *

It only shows people’s weak and fragile aqaliyya and nafsiyya (their shaksiyyat personality as per Islam).

SubhanAllah! at one hand we have girls from India who were denied of education through Islamophobic state machinery just because they were carrying out a religious obligation of wearing khimar and literally innumerable sacrificed their education or migrated somewhere else so that they don’t have to compromise with the fardh of khimar (hijab), on the other hand we have many Iranian women who came to streets to register their protest which doesn’t sound like against mishandling by the police but seems as if it is against Allah’s hukum of khimar. This is one among many examples to show how easy meat and vulnerable muslims are without their shield (righteous leader). Anyone can create hurdles through state machineries like in India they created an atmosphere of khimar being a matter of regressive choice and how easy it is to fan the tragedy (like in Iran) in their favour, to serve their selfish agendas, and needless to say “liberation of women” is the best and all time favourite.

This will further fuel the Islamophobic fire in India which is least concerned for women, especially muslim women (recent being the Bilkis Bano rape case) but for serving their agendas of so called liberation will cite the example of Iran.

Hasbunallahu wa’nimal wakeel!

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