As Salaam

Beautiful names of our Rabb.

As Salaam – The Source of Peace,
The Bestower of Peace and tranquility.

The deen we follow is Islam which also means peace.

We are named as Muslims because we submit to His will, and follow Islam as His Deen.

Our greeting is Assalamualaikum –
Peace and blessings be upon you.

Then too, we witness in this times the turbulence and unrest to highest degree, inside us and in the world surrounding us, seems we are the ones in the sight of world who is synonymous to terrorists.

Some of us even land up in depression seeing all this.

We need to understand that Quran has been revealed as a Furqan, the one which clearly farq (judge) between good and evil.

When we recite and contemplate upon it then we realise that the unrest we see is not because of Islam as shown in headlines.

The chaos, the havoc, the unrest, the rebellion is all against the illegal occupation or tyrant rulers and their brutal regimes, which is shown as otherwise.

If we read Quran, we realise that we are commanded to stand for justice even if it implies to stand against our own Kith, Kin and even against our own selves.
(For reference surah nisa,135).

We realise that we are commanded to stand for justice and for what is right, and to establish the justice which will then bring peace to this suffering world.

How can anyone even think of peace without justice?

Justice is the pre requisite to establish Peace.

Islam is a complete Deen, and is the way of peace because it delivers justice to mankind!

Islam, when followed in bits and pieces, only on individual levels, is nothing but a chaos and a puzzle which makes one wonder about its being peace.

What we need to do in this turbulent times, where unrest has engulfed the whole atmosphere, we need to re – connect ourselves to Him,
to As Salaam – The Source of Peace and The Bestower of Peace, through His book – through the way of His Prophet (pbuh).

Surah Yunus ayat no 25, He swt says –

“And Allah invites to the Home of Peace and guides whom He wills to a straight path.”

What is noteworthy is that –
*Dar us salaam* is the word used for home of peace which is Jannah, a place where no humiliation, no sadness, no grief, no bad words, will be received.
The real peace will be there in its entirety.

So, let’s try to establish justice on this earth to restore peace, meanwhile keeping in this mind the reality that this world can never be a utopian one to exist.

The perfect peace will be His Gardens of Bliss.

O Allah, You are peace, peace comes from You.
You are The Most High,
You O Possessor of Glory and Honour, grant us peace.


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