Al Quddus

Beautiful names of our Rabb.

Al – Quddus – The One who is Pure, without any fault.

The One who is far from and untouched by worldly imperfections or faults.
The One whose essence and attributes are of unimaginable purity and perfection.

The One who is beyond all human understanding of purity, perfection and holiness can ever imagine!

In Holy Quran Al Quddus is mentioned in this ayat.

“Whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth declares the glory of Allah, The King, *The Perfect*, The Mighty, The Wise.”
(Quran, 62:01).

SubhanAllah! Every creation knows well its tasbeeh to glorify Him. He is above all, He is The Only Perfect, Al Quddus.

We, humans are blessed by Him in many forms like intelligence and reasoning, eloquence in speech, beauty and the best form but then too we are imperfect, we lack perfection.

And interestingly, it seems as if our hearts are designed in such a way that we crave for the perfection.

Sadly, we defeat the purpose when we search for that perfection in ourselves or in others who are nothing but creation like us.

We often feel comfortable and we often buy the perception that – “this or that” is perfect and will fill our void or will complete us.

No one can complete us, neither we can complete anyone as we all are imperfect, with our faults and shortcomings in some or the other areas or domain, yes one can compliment each other differently but cannot fill the heart’s craving for The Perfect!

The Only One Who is above all faults, imperfections is He – Al Quddus.

We, the imperfect beings with a heart designed to crave the perfect should seek Him, Al Quddus, The Holy, The Only Perfect One.

The day our hearts will start glorifying Him and start doing His tasbeeh the way it ought to be, keeping in mind that only He is The Only Perfect One to be sought and beseeched, then that day we will be at peace with ourselves and other beings, as we will be content then, that no matter what, the creation cannot fill our heart’s void and we will stop expecting from them the impractical, the unobtainable aspirations and hopes, which will make them feel comfortable with their own selves, and will safeguard us from unnecessary heartbreaks, anxiety and tensions, and will make us better and content on accepting the haqq that no one was, no one is and can never be perfect other than Him.

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