Angry with China but angrier with muslim countries

What China is doing is nodoubt atrocious but I am angry more on muslim countries who have no say on persecution of Uyghur muslims who are persecuted because of their faith and because of geopolitical interests of China involved in Xinjiang, and this henious act of insult of writing kalima on floor in China’s restaurant is so so outrageous. I hold Pakistan more guilty of all this as it always befriend China for its “nationalist” benefits and doesn’t say a word against it. Our identity is one ummah which is given by Islam.

SubhanAllah! This is the same thing which when I have said in India with respect to Kashmiris, some practising muslims got mad at me and when I raise this concern with respect to Uyghur muslims, Pakistani nationalists doesn’t get it. Waqai, nationalism is such a filth!

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