The Great Finder

Beautiful names of our Rabb


Meaning – The Great Finder.

The root word of this beautiful attribute of Allah (SWT) is found in Surah Ad Duha where Allah Al Waajid says –

“Has He
not found you an orphan and given you a shelter? And found you wandering, and guided you?
And found you poor and enriched you?”
(Holy Qur’an, Surah Ad Duha, 6-8)

Allah Al Waajid – The Great Finder is comforting Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) when Allah Al Waajid ‘found’ Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) disappointed on the cessation of the divine revelation which had also intensified the malicious and mocking attitude of the unbelievers.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) thought that he (pbuh) has been forsaken or may be disliked by Allah (SWT) as there was a halt in the revelation for some time, and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) thought that he (pbuh) was no more a chosen one.

Allah Al Waajid ‘found’ Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in this saddening state and comforted him through the beautiful Surah Ad Duha, that Allah Al Waajid has neither forsaken nor disliked him (pbuh). And in this beautiful Surah, Allah Al Waajid reminded Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that how Allah Al Waajid protected and sheltered him (pbuh) when He ‘found’ him (pbuh) an orphan. Allah Al Waajid made so many people kind to him (pbuh), especially his uncle Abu Talib, though he followed a different religion.

Allah Al Waajid further mentions that He ‘found’ him (pbuh) poor and made his (pbuh) heart rich with guidance and contentment and supported the Prophet (pbuh) through Khadija (r.a).

Allah Al Waajid also highlights how He ‘found’ him (pbuh) surrounded in an ignorant society, full of confused beliefs and concepts, where erring ways and practices abounded, and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was wandering for the right direction and didn’t like the pagan beliefs,
concepts and practices but could not find a clear and suitable way out.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
could find the way neither in the world of jahiliyyah (ignorance), nor with the followers of
Prophet Moses (Moosa a.s) and Prophet Jesus (Isa a.s) whose followers adulterated their beliefs, distorted their original form and went astray.
But Allah Al Waajid has guided Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) through His revelations and the way of life He has laid down, establishing a firm bond between Him (SWT) and him (pbuh).
This guidance in the wilderness of disbelief and confusion is the greatest favour of them all.
The happiness and reassurance it brings about cannot be matched.

SubhanAllah! Whenever we find ourselves in state of helplessness then we should always remember that we are the slaves of Allah Al Waajid – ‘The Great Finder’, Who always ‘finds’ our state of helplessness, need and despair.

When we find ourselves weak and low, then we should recite Surah Ad Duha often, contemplating how beautifully Allah Al Waajid is explaining His signs that whenever we find ourselves in times of helplessness we should always search for all those incidents in our lives when we were too weak and were about to break but we found that we were helped and saved by Allah Al Waajid who found us, our desperation and our need and has sheltered us with His love and care and protected us through different means.

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