An excerpt from my book

Umar while on breakfast table was reading the newspaper and was making downbeat expressions.

“Uff! Seriously, sometimes I feel reading newspaper brings so much pessimism, I mean I hear innumerable cries of corruption, scams, rapes, abuse, theft, murders, pollution, sheer poverty, countless deaths because of poor healthcare facilities, malnourished children, discrimination based on caste and religion, hate speeches, polarisation of votes based on riots and atrocities, and on broader level, invasion of countries in the name of peace. I sometimes feel like not reading the newspaper at all but then it won’t change, what is happening” said Umar.

“Hey, Asiya we need to call the water purifier man to get it fixed right, please pass on my phone so that I can call him?” said Umar.

“Asiya, what happened?” asked Umar.

“Nothing, just pondering” said Asiya.

“Pondering over?” asked Umar.

“I was thinking Umar that yesterday, when I raised the concern of our water purifier being polluted again and jammed, despite the fact that we recently replaced it with new filters, you told me that it is because of the poor quality of the source (water) which keeps spoiling the filters again and again, so if we try to dig deep the real solution is not to keep changing the filters but cleaning and fixing the source right?” asked Asiya.

“Yes, in terms of the permanent solution it is indeed” replied Umar.

“I believe Umar same goes with the system when the system is corrupt, which is  the source in itself, then changing the filters (representatives) is not the real solution as the filters will get soiled and polluted soon” said Asiya.
– An excerpt from my book Reflections_ Liberation from the manacles of heart and mind. 

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