Muslim Youth

– MuslimYouth

They often ask why you say the responsibility lies on muslim youth?

Isn’t it a discrimination for which you stood?
Well! yes there were/are many who stood for right and raised their voice high and they were not Muslim youth, you are right.
And there are many amongst the muslim youth, I agree, who dont even bother in the least degree.
But, you know dear, The One who created heavens and earth and everything that exists,including you and I, has commandeth in His Book Divine, that O’Ye who believe, stand for right, even it be against yourself, be it against your own relatives or the people who are rich in category and has touched great heights.

So, you see dear, for others it may be a matter of choice but for those who believe they have to breathe with this responsibility in their hearts and mind. 
That’s why I say-

– Muslim youth – The Pioneers of real change, upon your shoulders the heavy responsibilty lies.


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