What we can do

Seems we are always in the news. 

Islam, Muslims – The distorted contexts and blurred realities. 
The way things are shown it is natural to feel heartbroken but then it depends upon how we take this heartbroken state – 

Start feeling too low and demotivated and down and feel like “kuch nahi hosakta” and become the apologetic one as to  fit in the frame of their social  acceptability.
 OR  take the heartbroken state, transform it in the productive energy to bring the change by challenging their narratives and giving them better alternatives of problems and issues. 
Nodoubt, The situation is not in our hands and how events are turning up but we can always deal with them by the way we react to them progressively and sincerely for His sake. 
The time is hard but hardships often give the best opportunities. 

Let’s seek them InshaAllah to the best of our capabilities. 

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