Another excerpt from Reflections 

“We will surely test you with fear, hunger or poverty, loss in wealth and lives and fruits…” was the translation of Holy Quran, chapter two, verse 155 which Asiya came across while reading Holy Quran in order to get some solace from the dilemma she was suffering from. 
“Ya Allah if it is a test then I ask You to help me and keep me steadfast” prayed Asiya. 
 After sometime…. 

“But I really wonder why Allah put us in test though He is Al Aleem- The All Knowing? And this further leads me to the question that why do we need to be good if everything is written and destined by Him already? So if we are doing sin does that mean that it was pre destined? Well! Again a series of question, hope I get the answers soon as I am already quite disturbed” whispered Asiya to herself. 
Above is an excerpt from my book – Reflections_ Liberation from the manacles of heart and mind. 

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