Women’s Day

Women’s day,
Objectify her, make her a commodity, sell her modesty, make huge money,
And then celebrate women’s day in full swing!!!

As an Indian, I see it all as a mockery.
An instance will be suffice to cite –
Delhi, is also known as rape capital, rapist’s punishment being delayed and even denied on being a juvenile or on basis of mercy petitions is a symbolism of women’s honour and dignity here in a nutshell.

Not only this, the rape accused can be seen sitting on top ruling seats, a simple google search will provide you with the huge statistics of it.

Well! Thousands of women sitting on roads from months, protesting peacefully for their basic rights of citizenship, are being portrayed by the entire system as “bikau (sold out)”, “Pakistani sponsored”,¬† “Sitting for biryani” highlights the lowest level of thought processes.

And then, yes on 8thMarch, coming online and wishing women is such an irony!!!

But who cares?

Only some, and they can be counted on finger tips.

The harsh reality is –
If you are a woman that too a Muslim that too with a hijab, you will be automatically seen as “oppressed, under patriarchal pressures” who needs liberation on priority basis!!!

And if you are a woman, that too a Muslim, with hijab and a VOICE then you will be painted as “propagandist and bhadkau”, who needs to be vanished in thin air as soon as it can be!!!

So, your celebrations are all hollow, deceit, deceptions and good for nothing!

Women are highly oppressed by your definitions of so called success, by your narrow, perverted perspective, by your not providing her justice.

Women needs empowerment enough to counter such narratives, such goons who are¬†capitalists, sucking her blood like parasites and ripping her honour all in the disguise of her “welfare.”

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