The Threat

Holy Quran’s

Surah Al Araf, ayat 88 (English translation) – 
The leaders the arrogant party among his people said: “O Shu`aib! we shall certainly drive thee out of our city (thee) and those who believe with thee: or else ye (thou and they) shall have to return to our ways and religion.” He said: “what! even though we do detest (them)? 


SubhanAllah! They gave the threat to drive Prophet Shuaib and people who follow him away just because they were inviting people to haqq!

And the only option they were given was that if they want to live there then they have to live as per their ways and religion. 
SubhanAllah! How much we can relate to it. 
“Leave Islam or Go back you Muslims, otherwise we will throw you out.”
“Musalmaan mukt bharat!”
“Yaha rehna hai to bharat mata ki jai, Vande mataram kehna hoga, Gaaye ko mata maanna hoga!”
Nodoubt, we are in hardships collectively but the ease is to see that even the Prophets, the best of people were given threats but they remain steadfast upon His Deen. 

May Allah swt make things easy for us all. 


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  1. surah 42 Shurah, verse 30
    And whenever a misfortune befalls you, it is due to what your hands have earned (what you have done). Pardons most of them.
    Today whatever is happening with us, bcz we’ve left Qura’n & listen to shaitan.

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