And when I failed to teach

As it is summer vacations and kids are having an ample amount of time to be at home and enjoy, so from the very beginning of the vacations, I have observed them playing different indoor games. 

Obviously, one’s win is another’s defeat. 

Interestingly, the one who win always praise Allah swt and even go for sujood as a token of gratitude, while the other one feels bad upon it. 
Sometimes, I silently observing all this wonder how being a mother I should culture them to just enjoy the game, give your best and keep going, and have shukr, be grateful even if you win or lose, because being able to play and enjoying it in itself is more than enough for being grateful to Him. 
But I fail to teach this –  to teach them to be grateful even if you lose, 

I fail to teach them that –  even losing is sometimes bigger than wins as it teaches as big lessons for next time. 

I fail to teach them that this. is. life, you win, you lose but irrespective of these two you should be always grateful. 
Yes! I fail to teach them and it is perhaps because when life fails me and I am apparently defeated (as per how duniya defines the defeat) then I am not grateful to Him as I ought to be! 
Ya Rabb! Help us and bless us all. 

Make it easy for us. 

Help us to practise and preach. 

(for all those beautiful people who are going to advice me not to publicise my negative side, jazakallah khair for your good counsel, I know in it is khair for me from your side but I don’t know I felt like sharing it, may be in this blessed month of ramadan someone may make a sincere dua for me on this). 

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