A system for the people 

Unemployment, Farmer’s suicide, Rapes, Molestations, Abuses, Depressions, Suicides, Fake encounters, Pellet guns on innocents, Riots, Inflation AND Lynchings of innocents to death!!! 

Are Issues of deep concern and need to be reciprocated with proper solutions and care. 
But slogans like

“Mandir wahi banayengey” are getting aired because that will brush off the other topics of concern, of which they have no answer or solution to put forward, other than some few jumley baazi. 
Was hearing to a BJP spokesman, he said – “it is clearly in our party’s manifesto that we will build Ram Temple so if the stones are going there for its construction then why people have issues? We came in power with majority and our party manifesto is clear that we will build Ram temple so it means majority wants to build it.”

You know what Mr. BJP Spokesman?
As far as I understand, I believe that you will sometimes gather the stones to build the temple, sometimes the other construction material and you will keep people who voted for you to believe you,  that yes you are going to build that ram temple soon and then you will again try to come power with such agenda. 
Ram Mandir is nothing but a bad political tool being used by right wing to fulfill their coming to power and if they will build it, then how will they play the cards again in their favour to come again to power? 

“Mandir wahi banayengey” will keep reverberating to make people feel they are serious about it, darasal mandir banega nahi atleast tabtak to nahi jab tak they find something else to unite the emotions of weird bigots who are blinded by hate towards Muslims and will vote such goons just on such manifestos. 

“Mandir wahi banayengey” keh Kehkar sabka pagal banayengey, nafrat ki aag ko bhadkaayengey, phir us mein aam insaan ko bhakti ke naam par jhulsaayengey, phir us kaale dhuye mein, apni beghairat siyaasat ke rath ko chaleyngey!
A system for the people it is!
Hasbunallahu wa’nimal Wakeel. 

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