Taj Mahal 

“The Taj Mahal controversy is said to be triggered by the self proclaimed historian PN Oak, who in his 1989 book Taj Mahal: The True Story,  claimed the monument was built in 1155, decades before the Muslim invasion of India. He said its name is a corrupt form of the sanskrit term “Tejo Mahalay”, signifying a Shiva Temple.
Well! Oak is the author of many outlandish and discredited theories, including bizarre claims that the Hindus once conquered Italy, and even that Westminster Abbey was once also a Shiva temple.
As British historian William Dalrymple noted, Hindu supremacists “have found it hard to believe that such a masterpiece was built by the same Muslims they despised”.
Today, the same claims have been taken up by some members of the ruling BJP, the Hindu nationalist party led by prime minister Narenda Modi.”
But yeah! Let’s buy and have all this nonsense, gibberish stuff in highlight to have the people attentions diverted from vital issues and get them fighting over such issues so that the “Vikas” which is nowhere to be seen can be wiped out from the scene deceitfully. 
Good Gobernance!

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