The Gas Chamber – Delhi

SubhanAllah! Though my doors and windows are all closed but then too the pollution, the dhuan, has penetrated the indoors.

Everywhere people are disturbed, elders, youngsters, infants, plants and animals no one seems to be in safe mode. 
Red teary irritating eyes and difficulty in breathing is one of the common problem many are complaining about.
Majority of the schools are shut down in Delhi.
The reports are saying, breathing a day in Delhi is like smoking 50 cigarettes.

Some are even saying Delhi as a gas chamber.
Some accidents are reported on Agra Noida Yamuna expressway because of poor visibility because of pollution.

The problem is grave.
But the solution is not unsolvable or impracticable.

It can be solved. 

I want to touch some of the main issues here. 
First of all, the concentration of all the esteemed universities, big hospitals, and exposure to great opportunities should be diluted to all places across the nation to make people avail these facilities there and they are not compelled to migrate to Delhi for these reasons. 


We know, Delhi’s air quality typically worsens ahead of the onset of winter as cooler air traps pollutants near the ground, preventing them from dispersing into the atmosphere, a phenomenon known as inversion AND  the diwali crackers has a significant contribution to high pollution which gets arrested in the atmosphere.

Obviously this can also be tackled by taking some measures.

In addition to all this, the crop stubble burning make it worse to inexplicable degrees.
Each year, farmers carry out this crop stubble burning and they have their own valid reasons for it BUT this burning obviously is a nuisance for all of us.

Well! The reasons of farmers are valid but the way and process is a disaster to the ecosystem and all living beings that exists, so there should be alternatives to fix the problem and find what to do what this crop residue.

According to report, “There are technologies available which can convert crop residue into valuable manure. Another set of machines can cut crop residue and mix it into soil through tractor-operated machines. The latter two types of technologies can help save the environment and also improve soil fertility. But such technologies/machines are costly and beyond the reach of small, marginal and even medium farmers which account for more than 95% of the cultivators in Punjab.”

But who cares?
Who will facilitate these facilities to the farmers?
We have recently seen the grievances of  farmers who came forward on Jantar Mantar in New Delhi to highlight their plight.

Who will care for these issues? 

The ones who own the power and resources are busy in matters like  who stood up for national anthem, whether the national flag was hosted or not, beef eaten or not, mandir wahi banayengey, love jihad, Taj Mahal controversy and such similtudes. 

But seriously!
How weird is the case of humans, that they forget often the people, the environment they are exploiting at the cost of their own selfish benefits may turn into claustrophobic, suffocating gas chamber, asphyxiating all. 

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