Symbolism of India

So, a man did this heinous crime and went to police station with his wife’s head in hand, and started chanting “national anthem” and “bharat mata ki jai”.

So called investigation will carry on, but you know what?

  • This is the symbolism of India.


Say “bharat mata ki jai” and oppress and kill bharat KI matas and betis and their baap, betas and bhais and you do all this for desh!

One will say, oh come on! He seems to be a mentally unstable, who do such henious crimes?

I say – Thank you for highlighting that point of mental breakdown, I believe all who are screaming hatred for Trp’s, the so called journalists and their particular political inclinations getting fulfilled, instilling hatred in the minds of masses, the system which is allowing all injustice and atrocities openly, the hatred, the venom, everything is the sign that mentally they all have breakdown beyond levels and they know only of having their evil intentions fulfilled in the name of “bharat mata ki jai” And “nationalism” sab desh ke liye hi to horaha hai!!!

Hai na?

Hasbunallahu wa’nimal Wakeel.

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