Battles inside the Battle

I don’t know how many battles we have to fight inside the battle we are already fighting against
fascism, baatil.

Sometimes, the battle is – asking people for not compromising with their principles, and many a times asking them not to abandon their own ones like Sharjeel Imam based on sheer ignorance about his speech and the context he said all that, or on just a fear that your movement will get hijacked by the fascists, if you extend your hand in support of him. The battles are many, inside the battle, we are fighting.

Now, there comes another point, which I, initially thought of avoiding but the video is getting much viral so thought of raising the point.

Saw a video where BJP is making a slur that “apni aurton ko sadko par baitha rakha hai” upon which a woman has responded “ke agar hijro se saamna ho to mard nahi, aurtein hi aayengee.”

This is highly problematic on so many levels.

First of all, we should understand the system, just a glimpse of our system –

As per ADR report
“After analysing data of state Assemblies and Lok Sabha, ADR found that the ruling BJP has the most number of MPs/MLAs with cases of crimes against women. About 30% of them face very serious charges, like those related to rape and other crimes against women, murder, kidnapping.

The BJP has 116 MPs or 39% of its winning candidates with criminal cases, followed by 29 MPs from the Congress, 13 from the JDU, 10 from the DMK and nine from the TMC.”

So, this filthy mentality is deeply rooted in the system and sadly they are ruling us.

So, women for them are nothing but sex objects, they won’t understand that a battle can be fought by women as well, they don’t have that image in their mind, they cannot even envisage it.

Actually, BJP particularly have portrayed Muslim women always as “oppressed”, so now their portrayed image has been shattered seeing muslim women with a voice that too wearing the hijab around.

So, they are too desperate now to accuse women as “bikau” and attacking their men as “apni Aurto ko baitha rakha hai!”
This is what we expect from a filthy mindset actually.

But to say “ke muqabla hijro se hai to aurtein hi saamne aayengee” is the wrong response in so many ways.

First of all, we are belittling hijra community, Hijra –
A term by which I understand those who are born with genital defects and are identified neither as male or female but third genders. And, I personally believe they have nothing to lose and are the brave ones as they have already suffered so much from the society. I believe if productive work is done upon them collectively then they will be the ones who will come as brave and strong voices as I have said they have nothing to lose or to bear the fear of losing anything.

Secondly! Women have a history where they have participated and fought bravely in battlefields as well, fighting men. And women as mothers have raised great warriors who stood in front lines against oppression.

So, my point – Don’t belittle women and hijras and the phrase “churiyan pehanna” as churiyan hi pehani hai zyadatar ne jo is CAA/NRC protest ko zinda rakhe hue hai.

As far as BJP is concerned tell them on their face – Jo babus khud rape accused ho, rapists babas ko support karte ho, unhe aurtein chahe sadak par ho ya ghar mein “bikau aur bekaar” hi lagengee.

Inke sirf slogans hai “beti bachaao beti padhaao” – jab beti sawaal karti hai to wo “bikau” bhi ho jaati hai aur maar bhi di jaati like they have killed Gauri Lankesh!

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