On Katju’s remark – Don’t wear hijab in protests

Again and again, this point of not compromising and sticking to muslim identity has been raised by some brave muslim voices time to time in this movement against CAA/NRC, but sadly our own people have suppressed this voice.

Those non muslims who are supporting us they should support us without any ifs and buts, and those who are supporting us with conditions are actually not our supporters in reality.

Those who are supporting us know well that though the draconian combination of CAA/NRC is Islamophobic in nature and highly dangerous for Muslims BUT it will affect poors and others as well, as India is a country of poor documentation and floods and riots has hit the country many times in the past.

Now, those who are asking us “ke ye mat kaho, wo mat kaho, hijaab mat pehno, burqa mat pehno” so that BJP doesn’t have the chance to paint this as only muslim struggle, are actually not our hamdards, they too are Islamophobic in nature.


See, BJP will say what it wants to say, they don’t need any proof or logic or evidences as they are ajeeb people beyond words.

But one thing is sure, BJP wants us to leave our identity and do so called “ghar wapasi” by leaving our faith and deen entirely.

Wo kaam jo BJP nahi karpaayi, secular liberals “maslehat aur hamdardi” ke tehat karwaarahe hai ke “ye mat kaho, wo mat pehno.”

Those who said and are saying that fight your struggle with your identity intact has been labelled as “extremists and radicals.”
Is this not Islamophobia, I ask again?

Dear Muslims, the act is Islamophobic, if you will leave your identity and faith and obligations like hijab and jilbab what’s remain in it then?

Ye duniya faani hai.
Momin ke liye imtehaan ke liye hi banayi hai,
Agar makhlooq ko raazi karne ke liye apne faraiz se kia samjhota,
To na ye duniya apki hai, aur akhirah mein to hai hi khasaara!

Hasbunallahu wa’nimal Wakeel.

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