On being advised

Because I never knew, so I never pondered on rectifying it, but alhamdulillah from my mummy to shauhar and some other well wishers as well started advising me frequently to pray salah graciously and not in a hurry and haste, and I used to feel weird initially on it BUT alhamdulillah I started a self analysis and realised that yes indeed the salah is in much haste.

This ramadan, among many duas, one dua was for my proper salah ki adaayegi.

One night, my younger son was waiting for me as he has this habit of getting into sleep by having my hair in his hand (a weird and a lovely habit), as I was offering my isha prayers, he was sitting next to my prayer mat, waiting for me.

As I finished my prayers, he said –
“Amma, please dont mind but I think you have prayed so fast that it seems
Allah swt will return your namaaz back to you by wrapping it in the same janaamaaz you are praying upon.

Isi janaamaz mein wrap karke Allah swt apko wapas bhejdenge apki namaaz.”

AllahuAkbar, Wallillahil hamd, He swt has own ways to rectify our affairs and state. I felt such a deep ache in my heart, got goose bumps, that what if waqai He swt will return it back to me?

Alhamdulillah, I am trying since then to make my salah a better one.

I am writing this all, to let you know that we live in an age where if someone criticizes us or give us some beneficial advise we feel otherwise, because too much of individualism has been instilled in us by this highly individualistic society, so much that we dont feel like to be advised.

I know there are some people who are too much judgemental but let’s not make it all white and black ke ya to suneygey hi nahi kisi ki ya phir bilkul harwaqt dusro ki sun sun kar itne self critical hojayengey ke inferiority complex mein chalejayege.

Let’s keep it simple, if someone advises, you may feel weird or bad, but try to analyse, if there is khair in it take it and if not ignore it.

Indeed! Deen is a naseeha and there is no khair in those who doesn’t like to be advised.

May Allah swt make my salah an acceptable one in His sight and may we help each other in deen in the right way. Ameen.

May we appreciate His unique ways for rectifying our affairs and Alhamdulillah how even a small kid may become a zariya by His will to inspire us.

LillAahil hamd.

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