Cannot breathe

George Floyd’s last words were – “I cannot breathe.”

I found this heartbreaking, tragic image as a symbolism to our very state worldwide –
“We too are unable to breathe.”
The oppression in form of racism and hatred is such that it has suppressed us much, to an extent that – “we cannot breathe.”

We feel suffocated, the racists, the capitalists have made us feel like claustrophobic, we too cannot breathe.

The image you saw of George Floyd is actually our reflection, we too are struggling for breathe under oppression we are beneath.

The sad part is – George Floyd was captured on camera by bystanders  but none dared to remove the oppressor, may be because he was a man in uniform and part of the very system which gives the license to do anything in the name of “greater good and making the nation great again rhetorics!”

He was gasping for breathe,
We too are struggling for breathe,
Will we always only plead that to the ones who have put their foot on our necks?
Or we think the bystanders capturing our plight in their cell cameras will do something?

To be honest,
We almost all are bystanders kahi na kahi,
We see, watch the horrors and move forward by saying how tragic it must have been,
I wonder how long will
this vicious cycle will be?

He could not breathe,
We cannot breathe.
It is all in the system which has made us to feel suffocated.

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