SubhanAllah! People coming from hajj and narrating their spiritual stories is so amazingly beautiful to listen.

We have never been to hajj, we have done only one umrah till yet (may Allah swt accept it from us and may we go to hajj as well ameen), when people narrate about their hajj stories, it always carry us back to our memories of umrah back then.

SubhanAllah! I remember how much I was weeping infront of Kaaba, because I was literally praying for the liberation of Kaaba, masjid e nabwi, (sallallahu alaihi wassallam), masjid e aqsa more than anything else.
It was so emotional to pray for Kaaba, infront of Kaaba to the Lord of Kaaba!

The more I was getting closer to Kaaba the more I was getting goosebumps thinking about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) circling and saying to Kaaba, “How pure you are and how pure is your fragrance! How great you are and how great is your sanctity! By the one in whose hand is the soul of Muhammad, the sanctity of the believer is greater to Allah than your sanctity, in his wealth, his life, and to assume nothing of him but good.”
I was thinking how these so called muslims rulers now rob and exploit the blood of believers all in the name of nationalism which is again a rotten concept in Islam.

On our Umrah, we first went to Makkah then we went to Madina, we took the road through taxi, it was such a comfortable ride, a smooth road, an air conditioned taxi, but then too it took almost three hours to reach Madina, all our way we were thinking how he (pbuh) and Abubakr (r.a) would have covered that path on foot and with little means that too in the scorching heat. How much struggle even the Prophet (pbuh) and his beloved Abubakr (r.a) had to endure in His path for establishing His nizaam. The beautiful companionship in ghar e thawr in itself carries beautiful reflections to ponder upon, the tawakkul, the friendship all so beautiful.
The hijrah from Makkah to Madina was not an easy hijrah, it wasn’t a hijrah either done merely because muslims were persecuted, it was a well planned hijrah done by seeking nusrah from the tribe of Aus and khazraj, the two tribes who used to fight amongst themselves on petty issues became the means to give nusrah to rehmatlil aalaameen. (sallallahu alaihi wasallam). Again a reflection for us not to belittle anyone be it then a person like Abu Dhar Al Ghifari (r.a) who was a highway robber and accepted Islam or be it the tribes like Aus and khazraj who used to be considered as gone cases as they used to fight amongst themselves on smallest issues.

SubhanAllah! As we are on the verge of getting into the month of Muharram, the first month of Islamic calendar and we know our calendar is hijri calendar, it itself highlights the importance of the hijrah.

Umar (r.a) is reported to have remarked: “The Hijrah has separated truth from falsehood, therefore, let it become the Epoch of the Era.”

It was not a hijrah (migration) which happened because of the persecution of muslims.
It was a well planned hijrah which happened to establish Islam on all levels, practical implementation of Allah’s nizam on His ardh (earth) which sadly is nowhere established today, not even in the so called muslim countries.

SubhanAllah! Today we are not even ready to do hijrah from shackled thoughts and defeatist mentalities toward enlightenment, not even in our thoughts we are ready to accept the fact that again Islam will be truly implemented as it was implemented in Madina back then, we are not ready to believe the glad tidings by RasulAllah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam).

May Allah Al Fattah make it easy for us and open the ways for us like He has opened the ways for His beloved Musa a.s on the tenth of Muharram to get rid off the tyrant Pharoah.

Muharram also reminds of Hussain’s (r.a) courage how he (r.a) taught us to stand against wrong.

May Allah Al Wahaab bless us with the courage of Hussain r.a and may Allah Al Hafeez protect us as He has protected Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) and Abubakr (r.a) in ghar e thawr and may Allah Al Fattah open the ways for us as He has opened the way for Musa a.s when he said surely my Lord is with me and He will guide me through.


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