Splitting of the Sea

Splitting of the Red Sea,
Miracle, we all see.
We wonder on the state –
How foolish were the children of Israel, they didn’t follow the siratal al mustaqeem,
After having seen, such open signs.
We read their story and wonder at their idiocy,
But little we realise that we have the miracle too, the glorious – Book Divine,
But we belittle it so much with pragmatism,
Stupid we are too in our own shoes, following the same pattern of our ancestors.
They had Red sea infront and superpower army behind, they were trapped, but Moosa (a.s) was asked then too, to strike the sea with his stick,
Efforts are all,
Allah Al Fattah wants from us, even if they seem highly negligible with our pragmatic lens.

How much we rejoice on the tyrant, Pharoah’s being swallowed up by the sea.
But SubhanAllah! We follow the legacy of Pharoah,
By supporting the oppressive regimes, either through direct or indirect means by supporting the lesser evil and avoiding the revival, thinking it to be too unrealistic!
Aren’t we like the children of Israel?
Clearly shown the signs, but wavering with the waves of the current times.
Indeed in the splitting of the Red Sea, we have lessons to seek!

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