Emotional Intelligence

While doing sa’i – from safaa to marwaa and marwaa to safaa during our umrah back then, it was quite exhausting, though it was not too hot then comparatively, the arrangement of zam zam water tanks in between the way and comfortable flooring has all made sa’i easier now for everyone.
I was wondering about our mother Hajar a.s, the recently paased blessed days of dhul hijjah reminded not only of our father Ibrahim (a.s) but also our mother Hajar (a.s).

In the middle of the desert, with little food and water, she was all alone with an infant in her lap, she trusted Allah Al Azeem that He will not forsake her.
She taught us tawakkul in truest sense – believing Him and trying your best with all your means.

She completed seven rounds, in that scorching heat, in the middle of the desert all alone with no comfortable flooring.

SubhanAllah! She didn’t know the abundant reward Allah will bestow upon her through zam zam water and how from every corner of the world, till the end of times people will relish this blessed water.

Hajar (a.s) while undergoing such a huge test had never envisioned that her footprints from safaa to marwaa and marwaa to safaa will become a ritual in umrah and hajj!

I am wonderstruck of the emotional intelligence with which Allah – The Exalted has blessed her (a.s). She desperately wanted tribe/people to settle there as she was all alone, and we know some people from the tribe Bani Jurhum came over, in her desperation she could have handed over zam zam to them so that they can stay but she has laid her condition that zam zam will be her’s.

Many of us undergo many trials, a believer’s life is full of trials sometimes ease, sometimes hardships, we need to understand that we should do tawakkul like our mother Hajar (a.s) did.
Even when we are in the middle of the desert (no where) Allah can open beautiful ways for us, He is Al Fattah – The Opener of closed ways.
We should also remind ourselves and others that we don’t know which test is going to be our greatest reward and inspiration for others.
We should also learn the emotional intelligence from our mother Hajar (a.s) that despite desperately wanting the tribe to settle there, she didn’t compromise.

May Allah swt be pleased with Hajar (a.s) and her whole family ameen.

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