Stagnant water

SubhanAllah! captured this image while crossing from a nearby trail.
Came back home and thought what made me clicked this image as it is stagnant water with algae formation on it! Perhaps both – The stagnant water and the algae together along with the beautiful sunshine falling upon it!

We know and we have been taught from the very beginning of our lives, in our tarbiyyah that we should not be stagnant in lives, otherwise like stagnant waters we might be carrying bad, foul smell and being still and doing nothing like standing waters can be a breeding ground for pathogen’s growth which can cause many hazardous diseases.
We should be flowing and making our way out, even tearing apart the tough rocky terrains and mountains with our constant, steadfast flowing currents.
But what I realised today is the fact that sometimes we need to pause and reflect upon the stagnant water as well, because even if they are stagnant, doing nothing, not flowing, not productive and full of breeding ground for many diseases but if they are getting the beautiful sunshine (the light), this may result in a lot many algae upon them, algae – an organism we know capable of producing oxygen through photosynthesis and algae under right conditions and treatment can be used as in healthcare and even as a bio fuel.

The point I want to make is that if we come across such people in our lives who are like the stagnant waters and doing nothing then make sure the light (message, enlightenment) keeps reaching them on regular basis even if we find no productivity or flow from them, because if the light will reach then may be one day, who knows, by Allah’s will they might become the source of beneficial algae which can be a source of energy, and fuel inshaAllah. Keep spreading the light!

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