Let’s not be capitalist in worshipping and submitting Him,  seeing our faayda and benefits

We hear we obey because we have testified to His kalima, His words. 
When He has asked us to cover and has given the list of mehrams and na mehrams, then it is His wish and to that we surrender. 
Now,  again, let me be very clear,  we cover because it is His command and please those who keep advising sisters “keep yourself for the eyes of your husband only”  then please better refrain from such naseehas as marriage is a sunnah, no doubt highly recommended one,  but not all of us get married,  some because of some reasons and others because some fatal disease, and some get married and are divorced. 

So,  don’t limit this beautiful concept of hijaab where we are surrendering Him in every circumstances, irrespective of the fact that we are single, married, divorced  to “husband’s eyes only.”
Plus,  those who keep inviting others due to benefit of hijaab,  “that your hair will be saved from pollution and dirt”, please spare us,   when we obey Him,  we don’t see benefits or loss, following  Him may save us from pollution and dirt but that’s secondary and should not be the niyah, intention and may be following Him may cause us to land up as the victim of islamophobes,  so will we not surrender then?
Submitting to The One and Only should be the only intention be it then goes in our worldly favour or in our worldly loss.
Let’s not be capitalist in worshipping and submitting Him,  seeing our faayda and benefits.

4 thoughts on “Let’s not be capitalist in worshipping and submitting Him,  seeing our faayda and benefits”

  1. ‘Rabbana atina fil al duniya hasana…’
    This ayah shows us that we seek the fayda and benefits even in this world and in the next world too..

    How can Seeing our fayda and benefits in this world.. be considered capitalism? Struggling to understand the comparison..

    And even if someone calls it ‘capitalism’! . how is it bad when even our lord asks us to seek the benefits of His worship in this world..?

    Aren’t we allowed to seek the material benefits of our Ibadah..With the spiritual benefits.?
    Don’t we need both kinds of benefits?

    1. Assalamualaikum. Yes, Alhamdulillah we should pray and act for good and khair in this Dunya and for akhira but here in this blog perhaps you have missed my point.
      As Muslims we hear and we obey, it may happen that His commands may benefit us apparently in this Dunya or may become a trial for us but we should not depend upon these criteria of whether we are getting benefitted in this Dunya or not by obeying His commands. What is required is our pure intent – that we should submit to His will wholeheartedly.
      I used the word capitalist here because the capitalists choose only according to their benefits.

      1. I understand what you are trying to communicate. When it’s the hukm of Allah and His rasool sallahu alaihi wa sallam we listen and obey.. even if we understand the logic or not. That’s what we are supposed to do.

        But I am particularly interested how we throw terms such as capitalism.. as if it was an inherent sin to be a capitalist!

        You said capitalists only look for their benefits.. but isn’t that the case with us.. we Muslims always look for our benefit. When has Allah’s commands ever harmed us. The underlying assumptions of Sharia are absolutely clear that what benefits us is halal and encouraged and what harms us is haraam and discouraged. When have we been commanded to look for our harm? The Shari’at is so dynamic that when a hukm of Allah might lead to some harm we have been allowed to suspend the hukm. For example the case of suspending the punishment for stealing while a drought has occurred! Who did it? It was Umar radiAllahu anhu who suspended the punishment for stealing. How could he do it? Did he have any right to suspend the punishment? Why didn’t he cut the hands when people were stealing? Won’t that lead to more stealing actually? Shouldn’t he impose the punishment on stealing no matter what? Because it’s Allah’s command and that’s it.

        But we know that Muslims are obedient to Allah but also wise. we always try to find the benefits in Allah’s commands..then how justified is condemning it by calling it capitalism ?

        Plus why are Muslim reformists so against capitalism?

        It’s a system that can be used for good as well as for bad. If people use it for bad then is it intelligent enough to condemn capitalism? People can even misuse the khilafat system.. would we then condemn khilafat?.

        For instance please go through these words written by a brilliant muhaddith and faqeeh of our time, sheikh Akram Nadvi. He says, ‘ For example, many of the tools of ‘capitalism’ as it is now called, which supported the great expansion of trade and commerce during the high period of Islamic history, were constructed by muslim jurists… In the form of conscientiously designed contracts that enabled entrepreneurs to extend and exchange credit within the bounds set by Allah, to strive for profit and avoid usury and other financial and commercial crimes.’

        This is coming from a person who studied economic principles in Islam, is educated in the Shari’at.. is not a fake or pseudo Scholar. Is he condemning capitalism? He is actually showing that capitalism can be good if we have the right intention and bad if we have the wrong intention.

        I have heard you speak at Jamia on the occasion of Muslim women empowerment. I was there and you said many wise things. But what struck me then and even now is the hate that our du’aat have for capitalism without understanding what it actually is. You said that women are oppressed not because of Islam which is absolutely true.. but because of capitalism! How is that? Isn’t this an over simplistic analysis that capitalism is to blame for everything? Whatever evil we find .. we blame one thing for it.. capitalism!

        I actually don’t understand.. who is right? A Scholar who is showing that capitalism in itself isn’t wrong or right but is dependent on the intentions and for the purpose it’s used.. or our energetic du’aat who have a got a lot of issues with capitalism?
        Understanding the Problem is the first step towards the solution. The way we are over critical of some issues and simply uncritical of other issues isn’t taking the ummat anywhere. It’s actually more confusing for the common Muslim.

        I don’t intend to offend you at all and I apologize if my words have hurt you even a little. But All I want is a serious and sincere discussion on important issues with people who are willing to engage in it.

        I apologise again if any word is harsh. Have written it only with the intention to have a fruitful discussion.

        Jazaakiallahu khairan for reading and tolerating my message.

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