It is not the eyes which are blind but the hearts and mind

Back in hostel life when the Islamic lecture was over she holded my hand took me into her room which had four other girls as well, she closed the door and asked me – 
“Maryam Aapa now look at everyone of us and tell us  are we beautiful?”
It was very tough for me to control my tears. I was not aware that Allah swt will made visually impaired girls to see and explore themselves through my eyes.

She again said -“Maryam aapa?”
I said my dear  girls will you believe me if I tell you the truth, they said- “YES”.
I told them – “you know my dear girls you  all are beautiful, you  are precious.”
One of them said- “I told them not to ask Maryam Aapa, she will say something that will not break our hearts.”
I  said- “But I told you the truth” 
“But Maryam Aapa someone told us that we are not good enough to attract boys” said one of them. 
My dear, I said you are beautiful, you are precious, you are precious because you are HIS slave, you are not a slave of blind trend which find those beautiful who attracts men? For you all, Allah swt by HIS Grace will provide a provision of modest and good spouse inshaAllah.

Why worry, let not ignorants spoil your life.  
They all were happy, the glitter and shine on their face were beyond words.
And yes they all were beautiful. Beautiful as per not what the present society has defined, blinding the masses on the false notions of beauty.
Months passed by,  I used to visit them frequently and I noticed the level of confidence in them rising alhamdulillah.
Still when I think of them I realised that when the masses are blind to follow the false notion of beauty and have enslaved themselves to it, some are blessed enough to realise the real lies. 


It is rightly said- “It is not the eyes which are blind but the heart and mind.”

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