How free is the freedom 

“Freedom” seems to me a complicated term. 
While many are allured to its false notions and propagate it like anything progressive than this, others are oppressed by its limits. 
Ah! The irony that freedom has limits sounds confusing!

How free is the freedom perhaps will always be the topic of debate and speech and if it has its limits then why it is called freedom at first place, many argue and disagree? 
Now,  some may argue to have morals and peace secured in society one needs to set limits. 
But Who will define freedom and its limits as it is something very subjective?
The secular liberals have their own definitions of it and Islam has a very different view upon it. 
We as believers are free but in limits and the limits are set and designed by Him,  The Creator of all that exists. 
Sometimes,  by mocking our Prophet pbuh and sometimes by banning the veil and hijaab and  stripping naked the woman in public, and sometimes banning the pro Palestinian protests is the definition of Freedom by secular liberal France and what else can we expect from them, who cannot tolerate its own comedian, Dieudonné,who  had his show banned by numerous government officials in cities throughout France, and has been criminally prosecuted several times before for expressing ideas banned in that country and France claims that they are the flag bearers of Freedom and speech. 
 This concept of Freedom by secular liberals is quite hypocritical,  they claim that they are liberal enough to have it all but bans when it goes against their own wish and self proclaimed standards. 

Freedom has its limits and they are set by humans with whims in case of liberals. 
Whereas,  Islam doesn’t propagate freedom to have it all types and neither claim to be its bearer. 

It gives freedom, yes, but with limits set by Him, The Creator of all that exists. 
The limits set by secular liberals and falsely disguised under the banner of Freedom oppress many. 
And,  having said that obviously the limits set by Him, The Creator may also be regarded as oppression by many. 
Depends from where we take our definitions and to whom we submit.

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