Hypocrisy of Democracy 

News – “Tamil Nadu farmers protesting at Jantar Mantar drank urine on Saturday in another desperate bid to draw the central government’s attention towards their plight.
Over the last 39 days, they have shaved half of their moustache and head, kept mice and snakes in their mouth, conducted mock funerals, flogged themselves and carried skulls of other farmers, who had committed suicide due to debt pressure.
The farmers, whose protest entered the 40th day on Saturday, drank urine even as police tried to stop them.
They have been demanding a loan waiver, a revised drought relief package and better support prices for their produce.
P Ayyakkannu, who is leading the protest, said: “The Union government is not giving us water. So we are consuming urine”

On April 10, they had stripped in front of the prime minister’s office here to press for their demands.

The protesters said on Saturday they would drink urine if the Centre failed to offer a solution to their problems within a day.” 
Comment – Anyone who has a bit idea of Delhi’s scorching heat and has a heart can feel the situation of these poor farmers who are sitting in protest in HOT and have tried everything FROM being half shaved head, rats in mouth TO being naked and now they have even consumed  urine,  this all for grabbing the attention of COLD hearts who are so extremely odd that they are taking it as an opposition funded drama. 
And they are diverting the attention by highlighting weird stuff from Sonu Nigam to pseudo intellectual concerns of being the rehnuma of Muslim women on issues like triple talaq to pata nahi aur kia kia. 
How much and what else these poor farmers need to do to get their voice heard? 

They have and they still are trying every odd stuff to get the due attention but all in vain. 

Media – they say about it that it is not all about reporting but creating an impact then where is the impact? Is it reserved only to bring the distorted image of Islam and spreading Islamophobia? 
Yes, definitely the capitalist media is designed to do so!
Hell with democracy –  a system where majority oppress the minority, where the suppressed are made sidelined to an extent that they are made voiceless, where the then voiceless has to try from being naked to drinking urine just to be heard but all that to befell on deaf ears!
There is no amazement that when all the peaceful methods of trying and protesting fails and the sidelined people sees their loved ones dying and no progressive action initiated from the people in authority then they take arms in their hands and then the nation screams and label them as “national threats”. 
It is really easy to say someone “terrorist or national threat” but often we don’t see or don’t react when we should have and then we buy easily the narratives we are sold from mainstream that they are “the threats”.
 “Who is making them or has made them terrorist or the national threats in the first place?” is what we need to interrogate. 
May Allah swt ease the  sufferings of the poor farmers and all oppressed, indeed to ask or hope for good from the oppressive system itself is an irony and an illusion. 
Hasbunallahu wa’nimal Wakeel. 

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