Glitters and bitter reality separated just by a single wall 

There are so many inspirations all around us Alhamdulillah.

Allah swt wants us to take heed and reflect on the signs.
When one goes to Batla House (a place in Okhla New Delhi) he/she can witness the bitter reality and deceptions separated just by a ‘single wall’.
 As on one side there is market, with all glitters and deceptions of material world and this world is interestingly separated by just a ‘wall’ and you know what other side of that wall is – Graveyard –  Yes, a place which reminds you about your ultimate destination.
This is actually our journey. 
There is nothing wrong in owning material things but what matters is nothing material should own us.
“kullu nafsin za’aiqa tul maut”

Every soul will taste death.

We should actually keep analysing this question-

“If we die today, right now then are we prepared and have we done enough to meet the Lord of the worlds?”
May Allah swt be pleased with us.

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