The recent hullabaloo on azaan

“God bless everyone. I’m not a Muslim and I have to be woken up by the Azaan in the morning. When will this forced religiousness end in India?

And by the way Mohammed did not have electricity when he made Islam.. Why do I have to have this cacophony after Edison?

Gundagardi hai bus…”


The above are the tweets of singer sonu nigam today which has obviously stirred mixed reactions in favour and against and as expected the hatred comments full of dissension against muslims and Islam is getting the zenith since he tweeted.

Countering  to his tweets, first of all it should be clear that Muhammed pbuh was not the founder or not the one who made Islam. Islam is a monotheistic religion, free from polytheism and this monotheism message came with the first man – Adam (peace be upon him), many Prophets came after him for the revival time to time and the last, the seal of all Prophets is Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him). 

Islam lays great emphasis on being kind and on the rights of neighbours but that doesnot mean that the rituals of the religion will be banned just because some people wants to create the troubled water out of nowhere.

As we all know, all religion has its own rituals, but Islam is not only a religion, it is not only confined to few rituals, it has its own complete system covering all aspects which is unfortunately nowhere right now implemented as an example. The just system of Islam was officially abolished on 3March 1924 in Turkey and since then what the world is seeing is the bits and pieces of Islam that too confined only few rituals which divorced with its complete system often becomes the easy target every now and then of controversial attacks, and the attacks actually gives one good benefit from polarisation, votebanks to fame.

– The morning azaan, the first call to prayer for muslims on which sonu nigam got disturbed and woken up perhaps  because of loudspeaker was not a big issue, all he had to do was to reach the local imam or authorities of that concerned area and requested them not to make adhaan on such high decibels, that’s it.

But perhaps, doing this would not have gained him much criticism and thus popularity and may be some hidden benefit, so the wiser way was to tweet in a way that gives the impression that azaan is nothing but “forced  gunda gardi”

Well! Mr. Nigam, seems I am running short of memory to recall that have you raised your voice with same angst against the late night music concerts, jagrans,the bhajans, and the fire crackers on festivals which not only pollute the atmosphere but create noise pollution to unprecendeted levels? 

Though, Mr. Nigam you have woken up disturbed but I really pray that may you really wake up in reality from the slumber you are in, may you realise what “forced gunda gardi”  is, may you hear the noise of the cries of the oppressed who are suppressed and sidelined, be they the poor farmers protesting naked for their rights, or be they the mothers and daughters whose family is lynched on fake beef rumours,or be they the victims of false accusations on terror charges and be they the ones who are given pellets just because they were peaceful protestors, may you hear these noise and may you really wake up disturbed to stop the forced gunda gardi. 


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