Fear of the firawns of this time 

Each chapter of Holy Quran is such an inspiration, it seems how beautifully Allah swt is addressing us, our issues.

The only thing we need is contemplation upon it and Allah swt will open the wisdom for us behind those beautiful surahs.  
“They (Musa and Haroon) said: ‘Our Lord! Verily! We fear lest he (firawn) should hasten to punish us or lest he should transgress (all bounds against us)’ (20:45).”
SubhanAllah, it seems it directly befits in our situation. 

How many times it happens that we as dawah carrier fears the tyrants and oppressors the same way Musa a.s and Haroon a.s feared?

But we should never ever feel shy to put this weakness infront of Him, The Knower of what we conceal and what we reveal.
Try to imagine the beautiful bond where Musa a.s and Haroon a.s put forward their insecurity to Allah swt and then try to feel the gravity of the reply given to them by Allah swt.


“He (Allah) said: ‘Fear not, Verily! I am with you both, Hearing and Seeing’ (20:46),”
Allah swt has designed this world in such a way that He has given free will to people and some become transgressors and oppressors.

The true dawah carriers will stand against the oppressors and being humans obviously they will fear the firawns of their times but Allah swt has revealed Holy Quran as an inspiration for us, what we need is to keep referring it and reflecting upon it and keep harvesting our nourishments from it.

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