Feeling jealous

There are some people who strongly believe and practise in

“Innama ashku bassi wa’huzni ilallaah” which means –

“I complain of my grief and sadness only to Allah” 
Next time if you see any one apparently happy,  please don’t let your ignorance and shaitan’s trick make you feel jealous of him/her.You don’t know what sort of trial they are facing and what sorrow and sadness is concealed behind those beautiful smiles they carry. 

 We are supposed to help each other in  thick and thorns and unfortunately some feel good when they found someone (with whom they are jealous) suffering.

Let us Fear Allah swt. 

Our people are getting massacred, killed, on top of it we are targeted as terrorists and still some are busy in jealousy and hasad?

I wonder what you and me are going to answer when HE our Rabb will ask us “What have you done to aid the oppressed?”

What we will answer – 
That we were busy in jealousy and hasad? 


Don’t underestimate shaitan.

Imagine!  when Allah swt is telling us that shaitaan is an open enemy to us then how can we take him lightly?
May Allah swt  guide us all.
I would love to end on this beautiful hadees. May we reflect upon it. Ameen. 
The Prophet (pbuh), while sitting in the mosque with the Companions (radi Allahu anhum), pointed out a person who entered the mosque as being of those who would enter Jannah. He did this for 3 days, and every time, it was the same person who entered the mosque.
Abdullah bin ‘Amr (ra) wanted to know what quality this man possessed that made the Prophet (pbuh) say that about him, so he spent three nights with that man. He did not notice that the man prayed the optional night prayers during any of these nights, but if he woke up during the night, he would simply mention Allah. 
So before he left, he had to ask him what he did that was so special that the Prophet (pbuh) identified him as a man of Jannah. The man replied: “My deeds are nothing more than what you saw”. When Abdullah (radi Allahu anhu) left, he called him back in and said: “My deeds are nothing more than what you saw, but the only thing I do is that I do not hold any grudge against any Muslim or envy anyone for what bounties Allah has granted them”; thereupon ‘Abdullah Ibn ‘Amr (radi Allahu anhu) said to him: “This difficult quality to obtain is what granted you this rank”.[Ahmad]

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