Let’s be vigilant 

Prophet Noah’s (a.s) son didn’t follow his teachings (Prophet Noah’s teachings).
Prophet Ibrahim’s (a.s) father did not follow his teachings.
Prophet Loot’s  (a.s) wife did not follow his teachings.
Prophet Muhammed’s (pbuh) uncle did not follow his teachings.
Though they were the best preachers of Truth. 
Lesson 1 – Guidance comes from Him only. 

And HE guide those who reflect. 

 Lesson 2 – The Prophets (peace be upon them all) did not confine their teachings to their homes only, they didnot practice that first they should “convince” their families, instead they conveyed Haqq to all and they tried their best at home and outside and that was all they could do.

(Peace and blessings be upon Prophets)
Always remember guidance comes from HIM and HE guide those who reflect.
Now let’s beware of shaitan and his deceiving trick, what happens when we see an active daai (preacher) preaching Islam and that too without any sugarcoating or manipulation, shaitan make us fall into trap that see his/her own family members are not practising and he /she is delivering lectures to others, he/she should first look at his/her own home and convince them first, make them practising and then others.

May Allah swt save us from the evil deceptions of shaitan. 


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