The puzzle – Sabr

Alhamdulillah! My younger son loves solving cube, and not only solving them but he also likes to clean them thoroughly by opening it all, and then assembling them again.

He did the the same yesternight! He opened it all, cleaned it thoroughly with water and soap, and then he tried to put them back to their destined places, but it was getting late night, and I was again and again asking him to sleep, otherwise waking up in suhoor would have been harder.

It was building a sort of pressure on him, as he wanted to accomplish it then and there only, and I was asking him to wrap up and continue the next day.

In haste, he was thinking he was trying his best but obviously, in haste, under pressures, we can’t utilise all our potential to the best of capabilities.

Finally! he disengaged and then continued the next day.

He asked me, “Why is it taking so long, the moment I am so close to completing it, it breaks away?”

I told may be, “Allah swt is teaching you sabr.”
He instantly replied, “But I do have sabr already.”

SubhanAllah! how much it reverberated with me.
How many times, we too think we know sabr, why do we need such an incident and event to teach us?

I told him the same, “We often think, we know sabr but often we don’t, it is part of Allah’s mercy that He teaches us sabr – by being steadfast, by not giving up, by trying again, by acting when we ought to, by leaving when we should, like you did leave last night, and continued again today.”

Sabr is beautiful.
Sabr brings contentment, as one doesn’t just act in haste then and there only, but step back to re-energise to come to senses and come back again to have new styles to carry forward.

Being a mother, I thought I taught him a bit about sabr, but actually, Allah As-Saboor (The Most Patient) was teaching me sabr.
Sabr is not leaving, sabr is striving, doing what needs to be done, stepping away when it is the requirement as per the principles.

Sabr is all from – When to act, when to disengage, and how to do it all, seeking His pleasure alone.

People generally believe inaction, doing nothing is sabr.
Sabr, is knowing that whatever you are doing might bring no apparent results, but then too you have to strive.
Sabr, is knowing when to act and when to disengage.
Sabr, is being steadfast and not being in haste.
Sabr is istiqimat, steadfastness and achieving the goal even if it is not achieved here then hereafter.

Sabr is knowing that the delay and even deprivation is also good, as the lessons learnt are full of hikmah from Allah Al-Hakeem.

Sabr is beautiful.

Blessed are those who can solve such a puzzle.


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