Doves at my doorstep

Alhamdulillah! These doves again have built their nest in our open space.

SubhanAllah! They were not sent on my doorstep for no reason again. I was thinking about them and realised that they are not very good when it comes to building their nests, it seems only some twigs here and there, as compared to other bird’s nest. BUT what I have noticed from our past experience with them in last spring as well, is the fact that they are very good parents.
They mutually care for their young ones.

Simple birds, but a lot to teach to us.

SubhanAllah! If we analyse today, our lifestyles are so upside down and so messed up, we misunderstand the structures build up of concrete, cement, wood as “homes” but they are not homes, they are houses.

(Makaan aur Ghar mein Farq hota hai).

Home is a deeper concept, it is made up of love, respect, mutual care, and culturing.

But in today’s consumeristic age and capitalistic world, with inflations so high, both the parents are compelled systematically, for building houses made up of cement and concrete and bricks and wood, to often work, draining all their productive energies, thinking they are doing it for their kids, but what they forget is the difference that they are building houses, not homes for them, and for themselves.

I am not sidelining the importance of having houses, but what I am trying to emphasize is that we often turn down our priorities, some of us even go so far that they even take loans on interest – a clear war against Allah swt and His Messenger (ﷺ).

If you have to choose between making a fancy house and a simple home built upon valuable time, love, care, culturing then go for the latter.

Why focus so much on a PERMANENT house in a TEMPORARY world?

Why not build together a home here, whose foundations will take us to the home in hereafter, in jannah again together by His will inshaAllah.

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